Thursday, February 10, 2011


So I've been reading about 'sunning' diapers and other stained items of clothing. I didn't absolutely believe that it worked work very well, so I never tried it before now. Grayson made some pretty bad stains on one of my favorite outfits for him a few days ago. I put it in the wash immediately. Even after oxi clean and detergent, the stain remained. Sad day. So instead of just throwing it out... I got it wet and I 'sunned' it by just laying it outside where the sun would hit it! Check out the results

Start of Day 1

End of Day 1

Start of Day 2 (I put the onesie inside out)

Almost done with Day 2...

I'm already VERY happy with the results! I plan on setting up my own little makeshift clothes line for this summer :)

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