Thursday, February 10, 2011

The First Post...

So I'm terrified of 'The First Post'... as if it's supposed to be monumental? I have been dragging my feet on creating this blog in the first place for over a year so I'm not really sure why it matters. It's not that I'm not excited or happy about starting a blog, it's that I'm nervous about what it entails. How much should I post and how often? Will I be able to put the tutorials in that my friends have asked for? Will I remember to photograph my trials and errors in my every day attempts at new crafts and things so that I can post them? Will I simply forget about this blog completely and never share anything?
Here I am, though. The first post has began and what will this blog be about you ask?
I hope to post tutorials for items that I've discovered how to make so that you can make them as well. I'd like to write about my life as a wife and mother and the joys that come along the way. If there is an awesome recipe I've found or concocted myself, then I'd like to share it. I often learn of some wonderful deal or crazy couponing scheme and hope that I can show you how to go about figuring out how to save a little $$ as well.
So there will pretty much be a huge mishmash of my life plastered on here for all of you to see.
I hope you enjoy 'A Balintsed Life' however random it may be :)

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  1. Im excited! Cant wait to see how it all unfolds.