Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a little letter for my babies...

Dear Lydi and Gray,
Please stop growing. It's happening WAY too fast. I don't want to think of the day where Grayson isn't chasing you, Lydia, and trying to give you big, open mouth, sloppy kisses. Oh Lydi, I know you're not always going to want your 'tiny tiny blankey' in order to sleep. Grayson you MUST have your sock monkey at night, it's so cute. Last night you made sure to grab it before I pulled you out of your crib to nurse and you insisted on snuggling him the whole time. Both of you are so small & despite the fact that Lydia is turning 3 in less than a month, I have a hard time imagining both of you as anything but my sweet little babies. I'll leave all of the "I wonder what you'll be when you grow up" for when you grow up. I don't even want to think about anything like that yet! I just want to take in every moment holding your tiny hands, rocking you at night, looking at you while you're sleeping, kissing your owies, playing pretend and eating your pretend cooking, kissing your little toes one by one, rubbing your heads, tickling you both under your chins, and so much more it would take me days to write. I treasure you both so much. I love the personalities that you both have. You're so smart, loving, caring, and full of energy and wonder. I am so very thankful for you two and I know that you're daddy is too. So since I do realize that every day you still are going to grow no matter what I do, lets spend every waking and sleeping minute enjoying the blessings that you are and having fun together. I want to snuggle you longer, spoil you with love more, and teach you all about the environment around you. I promise to try my best and let go of my selfishness, my frustrations, and 'need' to keep everything clean because life is so much better without it! I want to get on the floor with you more and play pretend, go outside and go exploring, take you to places that will stretch your little minds, and show you things that you could never have imagined. I also want to read you more books & take you to the library and let you read as many as you want. I want to minimize all 'screen time' and enjoy harboring your beautiful imaginations. I love you two so much. I truly want the best for you.

Love, Your Momma <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Organizing and traveling

What a busy season we're in! I think the realization that we're leaving has stirred in me this need to enjoy my kids, my family, my friends, and my life here more. I've also been cleaning, organizing, and clearing out all of the extra clutter we don't need. Alaska is coming soon and although I know we won't be gone that long and that we won't miss the entire summer I feel this need to prepare myself to be away.
The last few weeks I've been an organizing fool! I made a commitment with a friend to do this whole 'organize your home in 52 weeks' thing... and although it sounded really cool... I failed. So I created my own little plan instead and am sticking with it! I organized Grayson's room, purged through all of the clothes and toys he's grown out of, and kept only what I loved to be saved in the attic. I didn't just pile the totes in my garage, but actually PUT them INTO my attic. Amazing huh? I know! I have friends to thank for this. I couldn't have done it without them! I did the same with Lydia's room and now cleaning up and finding things is so much easier!
I completely took everything out of the cupboards in my kitchen, cleaned them all out, went through everything, and then put everything back in a more organized manner. Anything I hadn't used in the last year or more simply took off to goodwill!
Now I know what you're thinking- garage sale right? Now I considered this, and then decided that if I put that kind of pressure on myself... it would just turn into me continuing to store useless things in just a different place. I wasn't willing to do it this time. I think the relief of letting things go completely out weighed the $10 I would have gotten from it and all the work it would take to keep it mice free until garage sale season!
My living room was organized just in the process of cleaning everything else. My hutch in the dining room is now Lydia's preschool/craft hub and also hosts all those extra dishes for if we have anyone over. I cleaned and reorganized our bedroom, but it's going to take buying/selling furniture to ease the same issues we always have in there... so that's next! ... well that and paint.

Okay that's enough of that.... you get the idea. I don't know why it took me so long to do this. It's freeing! I have a long way to go still to have my home as I imagine it, but I feel like I'm actually heading there!

This last week I spent some time camping in Seaside with parents. We, being the kids and I since Jacob had to work, had so much fun spending time with them! We went swimming at the pool, shopping, ate at an amazing mexican food restaurant ('The Stand'), ate a TON of candy, watched movies, and went swimming some more. We were all spoiled by them and already miss them! I came home for a day and unpacked, did mountains of laundry, cleaned house, repacked, and then went to Grants pass with Jacob, the kids, and 'Uncle seth' the next day! We stayed two nights at Jacob's Grammy's house and were able to spend some time with her, Jacob's Grandpa Joe, and some of the Miller bunch. It was so wonderful seeing everyone and hearing more stories of Jacob's heritage! It turns out that Grayson is actually the 5th 'Michael Balint' in a line of Balint boys. Kinda fun :) Jacob was sweet enough to take the kids while I was able to have coffee with a good friend while we were down there and I can't even begin to tell you what an encouragement she was and what joy it brought to my heart to be able to spend that time with her! As fun as Grants Pass was , though, I believe the trip was too short! I wish that we could have spent more time hanging out with Grammy and catching up with the Miller's. Hopefully we can next time!
This week is already filling up with different things here and there. I'm so wiped out that I don't really want to think about it, but at the same time I'm excited to see friends and have play dates! Jacob's best friend will be arriving Thursday to stay for a few days and then Jacob's parents will be spending the weekend with us as well! There's already blazer games and fun things planned for while they're here.
Busy busy busy!!!

Now hopefully I can get my sweet little ones to take their naps and get back on schedule! Lydia is currently doing somersaults off the couch and onto all of the couch pillows she piled on to the floor while Grayson is jumping on the couch springs and then attempting to climb onto my coffee table until he gets caught.
haha... I love it.

Well here's a few photos to go with our trip to Grants Pass! The lighting was horrible, but we were all having fun playing outside in the sun at Grammy's house... so I attempted to get a few shots in the chaos :)

Jacob and Seth were playing horse shoes so Lydia found her own ;)

I love her beautiful smile!

My sweet girl!

He was moving as fast as his boots would take him, but I'm glad I caught him smiling!

Those are momma kisses on those lips!

He figured out how to peel the bark of the trees :/


peek a boo!

Grayon's fish lips! 

The kids with their Grammy! They were getting tired, hence the fingers in the mouths!

My Juneau :)

A picture with Grandpa Joe :)