Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day!

Yesterday was what I consider an amazing day. My criteria for an amazing day is this...
1. Chores get done 2. I get special one on one time with Lydia 3. I get special one on one time with Grayson 4. All three of us get a good nap 5. I get a nice alone/quiet time 6. I remember to eat 7. There aren't too many screaming fits from Lydia.

I wouldn't think other days aren't great or anything... yesterday just happened to be exceptional!
Plus...WE GOT SNOW!!!!

I've been waiting all winter for this day to come! I didn't want just snow to fall, I needed it to stick... and it did just that. The moment I woke up and saw it everywhere I ran and pulled Lydia out of bed. Everyone was fed, dressed into multiple layers, and then off we went! All the neighbor kids were outside playing in the snow as well. I had a snowball fight with the older kids. (it was pretty one sided since I hid behind Grayson in his stroller and threw all the snowballs I could!) Lydia met a little 3 year old girl, Jasmine, and they showed each other how to eat snow and tried to throw their own snow balls at each other. I'm not going to lie, it was really stinkin' cute!

After about two hours of fun I dragged Lydia inside. She was SO upset and begged me to 'please momma I go outside?! OUTSIDE?!'.  How could I deny her that? Who knows how long the snow would be there. We had a quick snack and then got dressed into new warm clothes and off we went again! I took her around the block and we met some more kids playing outside. Two boys were trying to make the biggest snowball they could. Lydia was quite impressed! By the time we made it back to our side of the block Lydia was ready to go inside. Her cheeks were rosy, her nose was bright pink, and her eyes were starting to look pretty tired. She REALLY didn't want me to take her out of her snow clothes. I'm sure it's because she knew that meant not going back outside, but she changed her mind when I offered for her to watch a movie. I made a huge breakfast of sausage, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. We ate, I fed Grayson, and we all had a long nap! The kids slept almost 3 hours! That gave me time not only to clean up and nap, but also to have some quiet time to myself.

What a blessing of a day. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and how much fun we had! I even started a new sewing project to share on here :)
I'll be posting a fun tutorial up as soon as I finish it. I don't know how long that will take, but I'm still pretty excited about it!

Here's some of the photos from our day!


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