Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lydia turns three!

It's just another morning in the Balint house... We were all up before the sun and said goodbye to daddy as he headed to work. I offered the kids breakfast until they couldn't eat another bite, cleaned up the house, did some laundry, made myself some breakfast, and then they sat on me and finish off my breakfast too. My cup of coffee is next to me now 2 hours cold, the dog is finally in her kennel after terrorizing the house and kids, Lydia's reading books, and Grayson is down for his first nap. We made it! I always feel like I can sit down and breathe at this point in the day. I'm on the couch looking out the window right now at the beautiful snow. I love the snow, but this time it just feels bittersweet. My legs are antsy for a run... I've been thinking about it constantly. As the stress builds up to our great trek to the last frontier I find myself needing the release. The cold just isn't helping! Just five minutes breathing in the cold outside will drive my sinuses into a brain-freeze-like headache and my joints in my hands start creaking in this strange dull pain. I've tried ear muffs, scarves, multiple hats, gloves, etc, and nothing seems to work well enough to shield me from it... so I'm sitting here staring at it. So beautiful, so untouchable... It's like buttercream frosting. (an analogy that may only work for those of you that are also dairy free). Mmm... now I just want to eat frosting! Well for Lydia's sake I hope we'll get to enjoy this snow and play outside for a little while today, but for my sake I hope the sun comes up, melts it away, heats up our valley, and we can officially enjoy some spring!!! We have just 37 days left until our little family heads to AK and I would really like some beautiful warm spring weather before we go!
So what have we been up to? Well my baby girl turned 3 years old! Can you believe it?! I can't. It all happened way too fast! We had a play date with her best friend, Jack Jack, on her birthday and then we opened a couple special presents from her grandma and grandpa and us later in the day. Jacob took a day off work to spend with us and it was wonderful! Nana threw Lydia a beautiful party the following weekend with all of our family and we all had a great time! Lydia informed her Nana that she wanted a princess Dora tea party with a Pink pink pink princess dora cake and Nana more than delivered! Lydia loved everything about her party and her cake and is still talking about it! Everyone came dressed up for the party and had a great time. Lydia was spoiled with love from all of her grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I'm glad we were able to get some great photos to keep forever! She came home with multiple Dora dolls of different shapes and sizes that she loves, new pretty dress ups, and a big 'two wheeler' that we've gotten to take out a few times already. She has been riding it around the house since it's been too cold and snowy to take out lately. I know when we leave to AK she'll be missing her bike a lot! Well the sun is coming out right now (YAY!) so I better put this girl into her snow clothes and send her out before it melts (yay!) or grayson wakes up and decides he wants out there too (which means I have to go :p). Here's a few photos from the party :)

Auntie Sandy, Grandma Peggy, and Lydia all dressed up!

Lydia and her princess Dora castle cake! She was SO pleased!

Opening her presents!

My beautiful, sweet, amazing little 3 year old girl

Lydia on her new bicycle!

No fear! She just hopped right on and went!

Mom and I dressed up in our fun tea party dresses! The one I'm wearing was my grandma's that my sister wore to her 8th grade graduation! I didn't last too long in it, though. I couldn't lift my arms in those sleeves!

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