Sunday, January 22, 2012

Imaginary Friends

We were all sitting around dinner tonight when Lydia explained to us a new friend of hers so I thought I'd share her with you too!
Her name is Flacka, she's a girl. She's invisible to us, but she's black and white and her favorite color is blue. She kind of looks like a hot dog & she likes to eat hot dogs. She only talks to Lydia, Grayson, and June- not mom and dad! She flies around a lot and likes to dance. Flacka moves REALLY fast and she likes to say "boo boo boo!"... I think she must be pretty cool from how excited Lydia is and I also think that Lydi must know her pretty well from how Lydia described her.

Oh Flacka... I hope that I get to know you pretty well (I hear you really like to play hide and seek and the light in lamps!-well I do too!). 

I know this is a short blog post, but it's pajama time for everyone, including Flacka.

Lydia caught Flacka for me so we could get a picture of the two of them, but she flew away pretty quick right after! I'm glad I caught the picture before she did!

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